Learning PostgreSQL in the Evergreen ILS

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Welcome to Emerald Elephants. The goal of this blog is to demystify some of the workings of the Evergreen ILS database which runs on PostgreSQL. Where does the name come from? Evergreen = Emerald, Postgres’ mascot is an Elephant. No, I don’t think I’m clever but I’m a sucker for allieration. After a few years of teaching SQL for librarians classes and periodically getting questions about some of the corners of the Evergreen database I thought, why answer questions individually when I can compile them for posterity and force Github’s corporate owners to pay one hundreth of a penny hosting some more of my text. Any samples mentioned here will be marked in the appropriate place in the accompanying Github repo @ https://github.com/roganhamby/emeraldelephant.git whose docs/ folder also contains this blog in markdown. But, that’s enough recursion for now.

Feel free to contact me on Twitter @roganhamby or file a request through Github issues.

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